Diathermy – Ultrasound – Cryotherapy


This Therapeutic method which uses harmless high frequency currents is used to create in depth “clogging“.  Applied as a therapeutic agent in rehabilitation programs of  disorders referring to  the musculoskeletal system (back pain, cervical syndrome, tendonitis, sprains, arthritis) in rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, post-operation, gynecological diseases, neurological problems.


Ultrasounds are high frequency sound waves, which are not perceived by the ear, and are produced by thermal or non-thermal physiological activities. Ultrasounds are transmitted through the tissue in longitudinal waves with frequencies of 1 MHz and or 3 MHz.H.  The Ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the tissues as a high parallel emission with an uneven distribution of intensity. Ultrasounds are transmitted to the tissues in two ways: by continuous emission with mainly thermal results although in low intensity, we also have mechanical results. Intermittent emission has mainly mechanical results. When the therapeutic ultrasound is applied to the biological tissue can cause clinically significant changes to cells and tissues, and through its thermal effects it causes a rise in the temperature of the tissue and through the mechanical effects it causes small vibrations.

Phonophoresis is a technique, with which we aim for the intake of certain drugs along with the use of ultrasound in the tissues.
In clinical practices, ultrasound is often used with a combination of other forms of treatment including hot compresses, cold compresses, and electric currents.


This new method comes from Japan and suggests treatment at 110 degrees Celsius below zero ... It is called cryotherapy and is based on the principle that the cold relieves pain. ‘Cryotherapy‘, or in other terms, ‘Cryosurgery‘- is an important part of interventional dermatology. In the last decades, the widely use of liquid nitrogen as a cryogen and the development of new devices have made this method /treatment greatly accepted and applied by dermatologists.

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