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Isokinetic cpm

The isokininetics is the most "natural” method of chain strengthening. The ability of a muscle to produce power changes, according to the angle of the joint. During this exercise the isokinetic dynamometer BIODEX analyzes the muscular ability of the trainee and constantly changes the resistance in order to meet the muscle power production (accommodating resistance). As a result we have the fastest and safest empowerment based on normal muscle function. Also, the isokinetic dynamometer enables us to perform symmetrical ergometer tests comparing right with left side.


Improving proprioception is an important part of the recovery and in many cases has the same importance as that of empowerment. Studies have shown that in the restoration of joint plastic of the anterior cruciate ligament, the proprioception plays a bigger role than that of ‘empowerment’ in the final result. In this way our center is equipped with various systems to restore proprioception.
Improving proprioception of the lumbar spine (lumbar spine) as well as strengthening the deep muscles of the waist plays a protective role and is a central goal of most rehabilitation programs for the lumbar spine. Trunk stabilization system provides location information via the computer and helps the patient strengthen the muscles of the waist and increases proprioception and perception of the position of the pelvis. The result is better posture and protection from the average mechanical loads.

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