As we all know, «Acupuncture» comes from the depths of the centuries,
with many journals/reports on the results, implementation and activation of specific body points aiming to the smooth functioning of the body and the pleasure of a healthy life.
We have many reports from many cultures as well as the Ancient Greek culture with a reference from Hippocrates to phlebotomy. The main reference we have comes from China and neighboring countries. One third of the world population reaches out to acupuncture with tremendous results.
In the Last century (1967) , Russian researchers, discovered, «Electro acupuncture» which was applied without  needles, while gently stimulating the  acupuncture points, as well as points that our body have created naturally, ( combined as an equal frequency current), therefore creating and achieving a rapid equilibrium of the body.
Since then there have been many studies that draw the conclusion that the stimulation of points to certain frequencies encourages the cell to be controlled by better quality currents and in this way they are activated   rather than remaining idle. Alignment between thoughts and feelings were also observed, from the results we draw the conclusion that   we have a simultaneous balance on both a mental and physical level.

The electro acupuncture can help us balance strong habits that have exceeded the limit such as cigarette, alcohol, obesity, nervousness. It can bring rapid suppression to various pains, in a particular area or a large body area, even for chronic pain. Of course inflammation is avoided while it helps sports injuries a lot, enhances the natural doping of athletes and triggers the skin imbalances such as acme, scars, scratches, itching. At the same time it allows both the prevention and treatment of ’tension’ that causes the imbalance in our health.

Electro acupuncture is not affected by weather changes like traditional acupuncture. It allows us to give the exact amount of energy / power needed by the body at a constant frequency allowing our bodies to be coordinated and have good health.
Electro acupuncture is not recommended in cases such as, patients with a pacemaker, recent implantation of metal body part, full stomach, appendicitis, and pregnant women in the first and last month of pregnancy.

The frequency of sessions is one every other day. It usually takes 10-12 sessions with the results being visible from the first few sessions, and ‘precautionary’ repetition every three months, two sessions for maintenance. As recommended by the Chinese.

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