Is it possible for someone to prevent health problems that could arise by delaying the process of aging as well as keeping his physical health in excellent condition for the rest of his life?
Yes, of course it is possible.

  • To help someone lose weight once and for all by keeping his general health at the maximum level you have to:
  • Have the practical knowledge and the experience of the subject in every level of gymnastics, dieting, psychology, medical consultancy and physiotherapy.
  • You need to know in which way you will pass on your knowledge of the subject to others in order to be understandable and assimilable.

To have endless patience and understanding towards the human that trusts you and to be able to answer all the questions of the new athlete until he completely understands the knowledge that you pass on with your experience.
But what is this knowledge?

  • You know in which conditions we have the maximum fat burn?
  • You know in controversy of others opinion mild exercise is needed for fat burning?
  • You know that because of this any human can lose weight despite the individual health conditions such as disability, muscle skeleton and pathological problems or even after a bypass surgery with confidence?
  • You know that with the low-calorie diets inevitably you will lose muscle tissue?
  • You know that due to the natural process of aging an average human who is nurtured under ideal feeding conditions, if he does not exercise he loses 2 kilos of muscle tissue in ten years and adds 5 kilos of fat to his body.
  • You know that those who lose weight even temporarily in ways that  modern practices  suggest, they lose overall fat, muscle and Muscle glycogen and they become a thumbnail of their organism, like a balloon blowing out ‘unproportionly’ and the fat still remains at the same points.
  • You know that each time you lose ‘weight’ with low-calorie diets you create the tendency to put on weight more easily and lose weight harder after the diet. If this happens frequently it is very harmful for your health as well as for all mechanisms of the body.

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